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Free Zone Business Registration

Dubai free zones offer a wide variety of business setup opportunities for foreign investors and entrepreneurs who wish to earn the most out of their initial investments. Setting up an online business in Dubai is also quite easy. You can get an ecommerce trading license to comply with legal procedures. Opening freezone company in UAE can become easy with the help of our experts. We provide proper assistance in understanding your expectations and business ideas. For low cost business setup in Dubai, we provide you strategies to turn your ideas into a reality. Our professionals have assisted many aspiring SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Opening Free Zone Company in UAE

Dubai Free Zone

Dubai has several areas designated as Free Zones. These areas offer a tax-free environment, 100% ownership and custom duty benefits to thousands of foreign investors. DMCC business setup can establish for industrial, trading, and service activities.

Free zone Sharjah

Sharjah has two free zones including Saif Zone and Hamriyah. For company formation in UAE, you can choose either one based on your choice of the area. Saif-Zone is an ideal Airport Free Zone growing at the fastest rate in the region and Hamriyah offers most affordable cost of living.

Free zone Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital, wealthiest in terms of GDP, and the second largest city in UAE. This free zone is an excellent place for potential business setups with attractive advantages.

Free Zone Jebel Ali

The JAFZA is one of the most progressing and dynamic free zones in the UAE, where entrepreneurs can get various expanding and marketing benefits. This zone provides functioning offices and commercialized office spaces.

Onshore Company Registration

Foreign investors can hold a full time working office and enjoy tax-free environment without any sort of legal implications by starting their ventures as an onshore company in Dubai.

UAE Offshore Company

UAE offshore company is designed to provide the opportunities to international business in Dubai at an affordable and the lowest costs. Companies under this segment can open local bank accounts and hold local properties.

Basic Requirements of Dubai free Zone Company Setup

Dubai free zone company registration is a daunting process which comprises of several steps. An expert personnel is required to fulfill all the legal requirements which include:

  • A free zone entity should hold a legal trade license as per the intended business activity. Yearly renewal of the license is required.
  • The company owner must hold an office, rent it, and renew the procedure every year.
  • A free zone company in Dubai must have a designated Manager who is authorized to conduct all the legal procedures and act as a representative of the business.
  • At least one shareholder is required to start a free zone company by submitting share capital to the government authorities.
  • This type of company cannot conduct its operations outside the free zone and not allowed to trade without a local distributor.

Benefits of Free Trade Zone Registration

There are more than 22 free zones in the UAE for Dubai company formation and more than 10,000 companies are conducting their operations in these areas. They have exceptionally fueled rapid growth in the region.

  • You can get 100% foreign ownership
  • The repatriation of profits and capital is 100%
  • Transfer of funds is 100 % free
  • Import and export duties are 100% exempted if you are not conducting your operation or bringing it to the UAE mainland.
  • Free zone business setup in UAE is quicker than incorporation outside or any other area in UAE
  • The process of recruitment is easy
  • Lease options are comprised of 25 years for the availability of areas for manufacturing and assembling and also for warehouse facilities.

Free Zone for Company Registration in Dubai

  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai Investment Park (only through JAFZA )
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Ajman Free Zone Authority
  • Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone
  • RAKIA Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Metal and Commodities Center
  • Fujairah Free Zone
  • Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah
  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Procedure for Free Trade Zone Registration

The procedure laid out below is typical for a free zone business setup in UAE. Enough time required to complete this process is approximately 28 business days from the application form. Here are the basic steps to start a business in UAE free zone.

1. The first need to create a free zone company in UAE is to choose who'll be the shareholder. You or your home company. Normally when you yourself have several shareholders the suffix is FZ-LLC in any other case it is FZE - Free Area Establishment.

2. Thereafter you will need to arrange capital for Dubai free zone company registration and incorporation. Many free zones have the necessity for the very least share capital. That is always given in UAE Dirhams (AED). The capital per shareholder in a few free zones is total for the business. Beginning with AED. 150,000 it rises to AED. 1 million which applies in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

3. You need to choose the business name and who'll be the Director of the new company. The Manager's name is placed on the trade license. A selection of last company name is provided by the free zone government bodies from 3 alternatives submitted by you.

4. In case your home company is the shareholder then you must receive the certificate of incorporation and memorandum attested by the neighborhood UAE embassy. This costs money and time. Your company must pass a resolution to create the free zone company in the UAE. The panel resolution must refer to who the Administrator will be and the details should be attached.

5. Next, an application for the activity and name is provided for acceptance. Once this is performed, the application must be submitted in details.

6. The application form for the free zone along with passport copies of the shareholders and the Director must be published to the authorities and governmental bodies.

When the shareholder is a company, then your company documents (attested) with the passport copies of the manager must be posted. Some free zones ask for an enterprise plan.

7. A preliminary authorization is awarded and a letter to start a bank-account is released for the investor to deposit the amount of capital. This must be maintained before License is given.

8. After you will deposit the capital and Dubai company registration fees the bank will provide a letter. That is to be posted to the free zone government bodies to complete the legal procedure for registration. This process requires submission of license and other fees, lease, signing a rent deed, putting your signature on the Memorandum for the new company.

Some free zones permit the process to start out even prior to the capital is shown. The manager who is authorized to remain on behalf of the major investor will sign all of the legal documents.

9. Once the enrollment process is completed the license is released and you are prepared to begin procedures of business set up in Dubai.

Cost for Free Zone Business Setup

For opening Free Zone Company in UAE, the cost can vary as per the free zone. The total charges comprise some basic procedures which include:

  • Registration fee for onetime
  • Fee of annual trade license
  • Charges of company name approval
  • Amount of lease or rented office
  • Labor registration and immigration charges
  • Postbox rent
  • Fees of notarization for any document
  • Registration agent charges

CIG experts will offer the exact estimate and Dubai freezone company setup cost. There are also several economical packages offered by several free zones for low cost business setup in Dubai. A standard package with minimum fees is offered to a single investor who has to pay lump sum cost of all the components of business registration.

Client Testimonials

It was hard to understand the entire legal requirement to set up a free zone company in Dubai but their experts make it a hassle-free process for us. I would definitely recommend them to all the entrepreneurs planning to open a branch of a free zone company.

It was really great to work with professionals of CIG who made the company setup in UAE possible for us.

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